What We Believe

The Libraries2024 campaign believes that all Americans deserve free and open access to reading, literacy, and our shared culture and heritage through our public libraries. We believe that every student deserves a school library program that supports the curriculum and a school librarian staffing the largest classroom in the school. We, quite simply, admire and support librarians. 

Librarians do the important work of connecting people to whatever they need. We work every day trying to reconnect Americans with their libraries and the issues. Libraries2024 works to activate voters so libraries can win their funding elections, so school boards are filled with members who care about school libraries, and our elected officials from city council to Congress support the right to read and full funding for our libraries.

We think that each and every library matters, whether it is in a school, on campus, or at the center of a neighborhood or town. If you do too, please take the Pledge to Vote for Libraries in 2024 and add your name to the growing list of people who believe. Please join us today as we hope to advance the uniquely American idea that our world is a better place when libraries are open, thriving, and properly funded.