Voting for the Right to Read

The right to read is protected by the First Amendment, which governs the freedom of speech.

The right to read is protected by the First Amendment, which governs the freedom of speech.

This right has been under attack by groups that want to censor speech and take away basic freedoms. How do you fight back? You can organize, create petitions, and even read banned books, but that surface-level activism often doesn’t cause lasting change.

The most effective way to make changes to the current political climate that threatens democracy is to vote. Voting takes away power from local school board members, state legislative officials, and even congress, and gives you, the voter, the right to decide who should be making these decisions about library materials. It starts with you becoming a well-informed citizen, someone who is aware of the multitude of issues that affect the library’s ability to provide free access to information. It starts when you decide to visit your local library to do this research so that you avoid misinformation. It starts when you register to vote and cast your informed vote on Election Day! 

Did you know that many local elections held during the primary can influence important aspects of your community? It is important to vote in both primary and general elections so that you can elect officials like local county commissioners, school board members, and state representatives who can all impact your right to read. 

The freedom to read is a foundational aspect of democracy, but it can only be protected through democracy itself. Voting allows all citizens to be empowered to make a lasting difference in society, a difference that goes beyond the library and informs all aspects of knowledge. Sign the pledge to vote and learn about key issues to begin your civic engagement journey.

Steps to Vote for the Right to Read

Protecting the right to read has never been more important. These book bans won’t stop until you go to the ballot and make them stop. Your vote counts, make it count for libraries by protecting this essential freedom!