School Libraries and Education

Access to school libraries has been shown to positively impact academic achievement. However, the number of school libraries and librarians has declined recently.

School libraries are crucial in helping students expand their knowledge beyond the classroom and preventing misinformation. School librarians are specifically trained to work with students to increase their achievements and help them find reading opportunities for personal interests.

The Libraries2024 Campaign calls on voters to recognize the importance of school libraries within K-12 education. The American Association of School Librarians recommends that every school have a library staffed by a certified school librarian and that schools employ support staff for library media programs. However, research shows that no states meet these recommendations due to inequities in staffing and funding across states.

Funding cuts and voucher bills threaten school libraries and librarian positions. Voting for pro-public education candidates ensures that there is additional revenue for education and that public education is protected. Public education is vital because it transcends politics and brings together all aspects of the community, and school libraries are an essential component of public education because they provide equal resources to all students.

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