Find Election Resources

Register to Vote
Ensure your opinions about libraries are heard in the 2024 elections. Start here to register to vote. It’s the first step in advocating for libraries and the issues you care about. We've made it quick, easy - and essential.

Find Your Polling Place
Knowing where to cast your vote is essential. Enter your details to find your local polling station and information about drop boxes, and vote by mail. Make sure your vote counts for libraries!

Election Dates in 2024
Make a plan to vote and mark your calendar! Stay informed about all the important election dates in 2024. From primaries and local elections to the general election and run-offs, every election is an opportunity to make a difference for libraries.

Voter Protection and Ballot Access
Your vote matters and should be protected. Learn about your voting rights and what to do if you face challenges at the polls. Libraries2024 believes in fair access to the polls and a smooth voting experience.

Overseas and Military Voters
Living overseas or serving in the military? Your local library still matters. Here’s how you can participate in the elections and support libraries from anywhere in the world.

Restore Your Right to Vote
If you’ve lost your voting rights, there may be a way to restore them. Libraries all across the country host programs and share information about how to restore voting rights. Take action to reclaim your voice in the democratic process and make it count for libraries.

Your involvement in Libraries2024 is crucial to the future of our democracy. Use these resources to stay informed, engaged, and ready to vote. Together, let's champion the future of our libraries, our schools, and communities in the 2024 elections.