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The Libraries2024 campaign encourages all Americans to be civically engaged, registered to vote, and informed about issues affecting their communities - especially public and school libraries.

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Supporting Free Speech and Libraries at the Polls

Your vote counts toward making effective change, especially at the local level. This is why it is especially important for you to be informed about ballot measures and issues that affect your community.

Fighting Political Misinformation and Disinformation Using the Library

Fake news. We’ve all heard of it existing, especially when it comes to the election. But how can we prevent fake news from spreading, and where should we go for accurate, timely election information?

Voting for the Right to Read

The right to read is protected by the First Amendment, which governs the freedom of speech.

Libraries2024 Launch

EveryLibrary, the national political action committee for libraries, launches the Libraries2024 Initiative, a new voter-facing campaign to promote issue advocacy and civic education about school libraries, public libraries, and the profession of librarianship in advance of Election Days throughout the 2024 cycle.

The Public Library as a Polling Place

How libraries make voting more accessible and inclusive.

What We Believe

The Libraries2024 campaign believes that all Americans deserve free and open access to reading, literacy, and our shared culture and heritage through our public libraries. We believe that every student deserves a school library program that supports the curriculum and a school librarian staffing the largest classroom in the school. We, quite simply, admire and support librarians. 

Distracted Minds: The Modern-Day Epidemic and How Libraries Are Helping

Did you know humans now have a shorter attention span than goldfish?

How to Be a Better Friend to Your Library

A little support goes a long way toward keeping libraries funded and able to serve their communities.

Libraries Offer Teens the Opportunity to Complete Meaningful Volunteer Work

Donating time to the library is an excellent way for students to develop essential career skills.

Libraries Serve Homeless and Low-Income Users

How they do it and the resulting outcomes.

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